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Here’s How You Check Whether Your Listing is Optimized to Convert!

Step 1 :Enter the 10-digit ASIN of the product whose listing you want to analyze.
Step 2 :Hit Enter and let our state-of-the-art tool analyze the listing. It may take a few moments before you get the report.
Step 3 :Analyze the report and work on the areas that need improvement in your listing. If you need more assistance, get in touch with our customer success executives!

Top Reasons why Your Amazon Products Needs their Listing Checked

Get Profitable, Long-tail Queries
Drive More Traffic and Sales

A good product listing will make or break your business. Use this tool to elevate your product listing, optimized to land conversions. Also, improve your visibility on Amazon.

In-Depth Analysis
In-Depth Analysis

Title, bullet points, images, description: A lot goes into creating a selling product listing. Our tool will give you an analysis of each element, with suggestions to improve.

Track Every Minor Change
Track Every Minor Change

Your listing quality is constantly compared against that of your top peers. Track and make the changes in the quality with customized alerts to ensure that you’re always ahead.

Writing a good product listing is nothing short of creating a compelling sales copy. It requires effort, research, skill, and a bit of creativity. While the task of making a kick-ass listing is difficult as it is, the least you can do is see whether you are on the right track or not with our free Amazon Product Listing Optimization Tool.

Amazon Listing Analyzer Tool: How Does it Work?

Our Amazon Product Listing Analyzer first identifies the top competitors in the market for that product, based on sales history, position in the market, and popularity. In other words, these competitors are ‘in the same league’ as that of the product to ensure a level playing field.

After these top rivals are identified, the product listing is broken down into individual elements (over 15 of these) and a benchmark score is assigned to each one of them. Broadly speaking, these elements fall into two halves: discoverability and desirability. Discoverability deals with how discoverable a product is within the Amazon search results, while desirability relates to whether the listing is appealing enough to convince customers to purchase the product.

The Amazon listing quality score (LQS) is calculated after adding the individual scores from these two elements. Higher the score, the better is the quality of your listing and vice-versa. A high score also implies that is more optimized to land conversions.

As your product continues to land more sales on Amazon, its ranking will improve and consequently, the level of competition will rise too. The listing will have to be frequently analyzed to ensure that is in line with that of rivals, if not better.

Our Amazon listing analyzer is different from other tools like JungleScout Product Grader because we look at the two critical aspects of making sales on Amazon: search engine visibility and aesthetics of the product listing to land sales. Our advanced machine-learning algorithms help us tackle Amazon SEO and write a compelling sales copy together by quantifying the different elements of the listing into a score. To save you the techno-babble, we follow a data-driven approach in calculating the Amazon product listing quality score of your items.

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How Can I Optimize my Amazon Product Listing?

There is a lot that goes into optimizing your product listing on Amazon. To help you understand the same, here’s a systematic step-by-step approach that you can follow:

  • Build a Solid Base of Keywords - You customers cannot find your products on Amazon if its listing isn’t optimized with the right set of keywords. You need to perform keyword research and gather all the highly-search, relevant, and long-tail queries incorporate in your listing for maximum visibility. Include variations, long-tail keywords in bullet points and product description.
  • Analyze Your Listing Score - Assess the quality of your listing with our Amazon product listing analyzer tool and see where you stand. Once you have identified the elements that need improvement, start working on them.
  • Include your Top Keywords in the Title - A product title is the first thing the customer will see while going through your product in the search results. It needs to carry all the important keywords to clearly tell what the product is all about.
  • Bullet Points and Product Description sections must clearly highlight the important benefits and uses of the product. They should illustrate how the customer will benefit from buying the item and must also address all the potential doubts/queries. It is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your Amazon product listing.
  • Use High-Quality Images - Make use of high-quality images to clearly elucidate the use of your product. They must adhere to Amazon’s image requirements. Take multiple images from different angles to showcase your product.
  • Focus on Reviews and Ratings - It is a well-known fact that customers often base their decision to buy a product on reviews and rating count. A product with raving reviews is bound to be more popular than a poorly-rated item. Hence, focus on building reviews and positive ratings by offering a high-quality product, addressing customer queries, prompt shipping and delivery, and building a good relationship with your audience.

Apart from this, other factors like fulfillment option, price, shipping, Buy Box, et cetera, can also play a critical part in optimizing the product listing on Amazon. For more information on this subject, check out this free comprehensive guideline on Optimizing Amazon Product Listing.

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What are the Qualities of a Good Amazon Product Listing?

A good Amazon product listing will always have the following:

  • Positive ratings and a good review count
  • Competitive price
  • FBA fulfillment option
  • Multiple high-quality images from different perspectives
  • Product title optimized with relevant keywords
  • Product listing text carrying the essential keywords in a natural sense
  • The text is not too dense; it is easy to read
  • Bullet points clearly explaining the key features of the product
  • An informative product description
  • Frequently asked questions section
  • Premium content (Enhanced Brand Content)
  • Backend Keywords
  • ASIN Indexed

As you can see, there are quite a few things to focus on here and you can make your work on them individually with our Amazon product listing quality tool and optimization guidelines.

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How to Fix Suppressed Listings on Amazon?

Suppressed listings are those listings on Amazon that couldn’t meet the stringent standards set by Amazon. There are guidelines that every product listing must follow to make it easy for customers to locate, research, and purchase the product. Failure to do so will result in the suppression of the listing from the search results.

Suppressed listings on Amazon relate to missing information, incomplete listing or providing incorrect or invalid values. It can be anything like missing the main product image, not having enough content in bullet points and description, an undefined category, or product title too long. Whatever may be the case, suppressed listings can be easily identified and fixed. Here’s how you do it :

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central Account and navigate to the Inventory tab. Click on Manage Inventory and look at your listings. If you see the world ‘Suppressed’ next to a listing, it implies that Amazon has hidden it from the search results till further improvements are made. If you don’t have any suppressed listings, the option won’t be available to you.
  • Select the suppressed product listing and look at the fields that need more information. It is highlighted by a red exclamation mark and can entail managing images, editing details, and so on. You will get a detailed view of these sections so you know where to direct your efforts.
  • Resolve all the alerts and click on the save and finish option. It can take up to 48 hours for your changes to reflect on Amazon.

Hence, it is recommended that you don’t work with incomplete product listings on Amazon as the e-commerce giant will simply suppress your listing. If you have an incomplete listing, fix it at the earliest by following the steps mentioned above. You don’t want Amazon to hide your products from showing up in the search results.

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In a Snapshot

It is absolutely critical to have a top-notch listing for your items on Amazon that is fully capable of driving traffic and landing conversions. It will take some time and effort to make a compelling sales copy, but with our Amazon listing optimization software, your half the job is done. With an in-depth analysis, there is a lot you can do to improve your listing and bring it to the top of page one in the Amazon marketplace.