Amazon FNSKU : Everything You Need to Know

What is Amazon FNSKU?

The FNSKU is a full form for Fulfillment Network SKU or Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit. The FNSKU is the manner that Amazon describes a product distinctive to the vendor which has shipped it.

Each item that’s processed via an Amazon fulfillment center is awarded this special identifier. The FNSKU is published on product-level tags. As soon as the ASIN along with the FNSKU game can be a sign to Amazon that things are Stickerless.

The FNSKU is your alphanumeric number that’s utilized to create the barcode that you set in your merchandise when you ship stock to the FBA warehouse. Every “Fulfilled from Amazon” SKU you include to Amazon will have its own FNSKU Barcode.

Think about it like this: If you inform Amazon You wish to send a product to their own warehouse,” The ASIN and SKU get together and have a baby, known as an FNSKU to spot exactly what the item is, which seller provide it goes to.

You are not required to utilize FNSKU’s to record on Amazon. You might even use the maker barcode (UPC) which is published on the item bundle.

Differences between FNSKU Vs UPC Vs ASIN Vs SKU


You are able to use whatever naming. Most folks use a pattern such as ‘Brand-Model-FulfillmentMethod’ to mention their products. I like to create my SKU something for me personally so that when I view it I will understand.

Each time you produce a new deal for an ASIN, then you are going to be requested to supply a one-of-a-kind SKU.


Universal Product Code is the full form of UPC. Every product you buy in-store Contains one, it is exactly what they can. UPC’s are bought, normally and anybody on earth who looks at your UPC on almost any platform can learn what the item is. Each item on Amazon, unless you have been granted an exemption, needs a UPC.

The UPC code is a general barcode. It’s something that you need on your product and it allows you to market it wherever you would like.


Every product that’s from the amazon product catalog is assigned a distinctive ASIN. If you make a listing that is new, it is going to find a brand new ASIN. You are set on an ASIN if you are a wholesaler set on a present catalog thing. In short, is a product detail page, and it comes with an ASIN.

Variations of the identical product still possess an exceptional ASIN for every variant. By way of instance, if you are creating 2 variants for baseball caps, then by color, Red, and Blue, you would have 3 ASIN’s: 1 for 2 Red, 1 for Blue1 to the parent thing that binds both together, however, is not seen in hunt.

To market an ASIN, you produce a “deal” in order for your offer could be recorded on this ASIN’s product detail page. On things that are popular, there may be a hundred supplies per ASIN.