Knowing how to create a perfect product listing is essential if you want to start a successful business on Amazon. It will also help in enhancing the visibility of your product, increasing your product sales, and growing your business.

Listings on Amazon need to be updated regularly. If any of the elements fail to meet Amazon requirements, they will be deactivated or suppressed. Your entire account may be suspended until the problem is fixed. A listing that is removed immediately results in lost revenue for each hour it is down until it is fixed.

What does Amazon Suppressed Listing mean?

A listing that has been suppressed means that Amazon has determined that the listing is not in compliance with their marketplace standards. Your listing will be removed from Amazon’s search results.

What’s the reason for Amazon Listings being suppressed?

When a product listing fails to meet Amazon’s listing guidelines, it’s called a suppressed listing. These suppression guidelines were put in place by Amazon to make it easier to search for, find, and purchase products through its platform. Sellers should provide all necessary information and details to ensure that Amazon doesn’t suppress product listings.

We can summarize that Amazon suppresses listings when it doesn’t follow its guidelines or standards for a particular product listing. These guidelines and standards have been established by Amazon to ensure that customers can easily search for and locate the products they need and that they have a great customer experience when purchasing products or services from the largest e-commerce platform.

Examples of insufficient or missing information that could lead to suppressed listing include:

  • You haven’t added at least one image to your product listing.
  • You should include a description of the product in your product listing.
  • If your listing item has a title greater than 80 characters.
  • If your product listings don’t have a defined category type

How do I fix an Amazon Suppressed Listing?

It can be surprising to discover that some listings have been suppressed from Amazon’s Seller Central. However, it is possible to reactivate these listings easily.

These are five easy steps to correct a blocked Amazon listing:

  1. Click the Inventory tab in your seller account and choose Manage inventory. Select Supressed from the horizontal menu.
  2. View all the suppressed listings at Fix your products. Or click on Attribute for a filter by type of issue.
  3. You can fix suppressed listings by editing the cells or selecting the missing values from the dropdown list. Then, click Save.
  4. You can fix suppressed listings which are not editable in the editable grid. Click Edit and go to Edit product information page. You will find informational messages detailing the problem in Edit product info. Enter the missing value, click Save and Finish. Follow the instructions on the Product image requirements page to resolve image issues. Then upload valid product images.
  5. After all issues are resolved, click “Save and Finish” to exit.

Prevent Amazon Listing from getting Suppressed:

Amazon sellers can sometimes get their listings removed. However, there are some common mistakes you should avoid in order to ensure that your listings are not frequently deleted by Amazon. 

These are some of the most common errors:

1. Product Title

Your listing may be removed quickly if your title includes words like “best”, “cheapest”, “top-rated” and similar. A listing title that is too long can also be a way to get your listing removed quickly.

2. Images

The main image of a product listing is the most important. A product listing that does not contain at least one image will be rejected by Amazon. Amazon will remove your listing if you don’t upload the main picture.

3. Duplicate Listing

You can create duplicate products accidentally as an Amazon seller using the “Create a Product” link. This link allows you to list your products on Amazon’s e-commerce platform. This link is used by most sellers to list products because they don’t find the catalog tedious. You should be aware that a shortcut can prove costly.

4. Product Listing – Key Information

Amazon wants listings that provide all information needed to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. There is a high chance your listing will be removed if you do not include any critical information. This critical information includes the UPC, Amazon Bullet Points, and Description, as well as Brand Info.


Contact Amazon Seller Support if you are experiencing item suppressions on an ongoing basis. They may be able to offer additional guidance and support.

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