The ecommerce business is on a consistent rise and continues to support new and old entrepreneurs in shaping their dreams. It is a big opportunity as the e-commerce sales are projected to surpass 6.3 trillion dollars worldwide in 2024. An online store owner has multiple responsibilities like selling goods or services, attracting new customers, retaining old ones, and promoting business for further growth. Besides these key fields, there are many other aspects including sourcing goods, finding partners, arranging funds, etc. This vast range of functions means every ecommerce business needs to be highly productive. For long-term success and to shine bright in everything you take up, these seven productivity tips will certainly help.

Use online ecommerce tools and apps

With automated tools and AI to help you in every process, it would not be a wise idea to ignore them. From shipping orders to payment processing and social media campaigns to inventory management, there’s an online tool. This makes every part of the process smooth and efficient. These processes mentioned here are just some of the many. Once you start exploring deeply, you will find there’s a tool or an app to help you at every step to make you highly productive.

There are outstanding Mac tools and ideas that simplify your tasks and streamline your workflow. Mac productivity tools and shortcuts make you work smartly. One of the top ideas when using multiple software and apps is to try the split screen feature, which is basically two app windows side by side. It helps to use two applications together by dividing the screen into two. Using this feature, you can compare data analytics in spreadsheets. You can also use multiple design social media marketing apps without swiping into another app. To make it even better, use Command-S (Save file), Command-W (Close Window), Command-N (New file), and Command +/- to zoom in and zoom out. These shortcut keys make work quick. You won’t have to navigate through screens or waste time with the trackpad and mouse. Mac screen real estate is for real so learn to make full use of it.

Set clear goals

Goal setting is one of the top business productivity strategies to meet targets. Measuring progress is possible only if you have set relevant goals and work consistently towards them. With too many tasks to handle, you might struggle to prioritize the tasks or manage the team well. Set smart goals while keeping in mind the time and effort you can put in to achieve them. Having clear, achievable targets helps you to accomplish more in less time, making you more productive.

Plan your ecommerce business workflows

Streamlining workflows is also a smart way to run an ecommerce business successfully. You can do so by analyzing the current workflow and eliminating the unnecessary tasks that make your work repetitive and unproductive. Find easy ways to perform a task by allocating tasks and analyzing their progress regularly. As a business owner, you must focus on important business tasks rather than those that your team can handle easily.

Collaborate and communicate

Ecommerce businesses can be managed well when all the team members work in collaboration, whether remotely or in-office. It is a business productivity strategy that the best entrepreneurs use. You should encourage team members and keep things transparent to see them motivated and positive. Use tools to collaborate and provide all possible support to remote teams. A better level of communication and collaboration creates an atmosphere where everyone becomes more productive than before.

Look for quality sourcing channels

With China being a manufacturing hub, most online retailers including Amazon outsource their goods manufacturing there. If you lack that kind of capital, place bulk orders from popular Chinese online wholesale retailers. Sourcing goods from the best places at the best prices means you will save time and money. This plenty of extra time saved in sourcing can be used in many other business activities that need your regular intervention.

Prioritize work-life balance

Ecommerce business is stressful but being at work all day and all night might get you ideal results in the short run but in the long run, you will face burnout. You will feel exhausted and have a drop in your motivation level. To stay productive, learn to take time off, spend quality time with family and friends, or maybe go for a vacation. A balance in this regard does wonders for your productivity levels.

Find reliable partners

Just as for sourcing, find partners for your online business store for other processes. From delivery to packaging and branding to payments, use an outside partner. Offload as much work as you can through reliable outside partners. It’s their core work so it’s natural that they will provide better results there. With no burden on your shoulders on some of these key aspects, you will see yourself being productive every day and contributing more towards ecommerce business growth.


Like every business, ecommerce is also a lot of hard work. Being productive becomes a key element for every business owner. To make an online ecommerce business flourish, you must value productivity and try these seven best ways to improve it.

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