Whether you’re even some newbie trying to enter the Ecommerce Business or an established seller, odds are you do not know whatever as it pertains to Amazon a9 algorithm you can. 

Knowing the way the algorithm operates means that you can rank better, that’s the number one thing that you can do in order to drive traffic & drive sales. Applying strategies and techniques that are approved by ranking algorithm can give exponential growth for your business.

Quick Guide

  1. What is Amazon A9 Algorithm?
  2. Google Vs Amazon Search Algorithm
  3. Factors that Influence Amazon Rankings
  4. Need of Hiring SEO Service Agency
  5. Conclusion

What is Amazon A9 Algorithm?

In simple words, A9 Algorithm is the platform which Amazon uses to choose how products are ranked in search results. It’s very much similar to Google search algorithm. But they are some key differences, which will be discussed below.

A9 is Amazon product algorithm that is made up of direct and indirect facets used to complement users’ search questions to services and products they have been most likely to purchase.

Facts about Amazon Search Algorithm:

  • 70 % of Amazon clients never click past the first page of search engine results.
  • 35 % of Amazon shoppers click on the first product featured on an internet search web page.
  • The first 3 items displayed in search results account for 64% of clicks.
  • 81% of clicks are on manufacturers around the first page of search results

Google Vs Amazon Ranking Algorithm – Major Differences

1.End- Goals


  • Ordinarily, there’s greater purchase intent for clients who are likely to Amazon. Most of them see the platform to navigate and buy a item.
  • Amazon SEO is tied specifically to turning into a sale.


  • The search engine has a greater research intent. It mostly exists to answer the user’s query.
  • Broader scope of data to compensate for this.

2. External Linking

Driving visitors that is external weighs a great deal for Google rank. Since it means that your websites are helpful, the more sources relate back to your own articles, engaging and your community is served by them. Your grade material is read, reliable beneficial and shared. Google enjoys that. 

Because Amazon’s algorithm does not comprise back-links amazon is not the same story. Your record’s “life” out Amazon isn’t given at all. It is accurate, you can market your product set which ought to assist your product’s advertising, lead to earnings and conversions, testimonials – therefore the linking effect is there, however it is direct – like in the case of Google.

3. Long tail Vs Short tail

On Google, once you’re targeting one or two long-tail keywords and phrases, it’s imperative since they are to include them. Bear in mind, Google was built to assist you find answers.

Amazon is – folks know just what products they’re after so they type names or product forms and that is it. In other words, Amazon is oriented towards”short-tail keywords” by allowing you to divide long phrases into short ones without limiting your rank to your long-phrase.

Therefore, when you write your Amazon list, one of them is able to go from the bullet tips in the one along with the Amazon Title. This doesn’t happen on Google where term integrity is monolithic, differently, it doesn’t count.

4. Product Quality

Google SEO can be manipulated (for want of a better term ) by SEO specialists and professional content writers; a brand new or unfamiliar website can achieve top results should they are aware of what they’re doing.

Amazon SEO is much more of a meritocracy: it relies less on factors and about the standard of the product. Individuals review it tremendously and In case your merchandise is a favorite, it is going to enhance search results.

This can be a double-edged sword. New and unfamiliar products are at a disadvantage initially because they don’t have any clout or standing. For these situations, paid advertisements like Sponsored Product Ads or AMS ads can balance out things.

Key Factors that Influence Amazon Organic Rankings

To know the things which impact the product positions. Possessing the basic elements in your mind can help retailers to better their products’ positions on Amazon and boost sales because of this.

Check this video to get detailed understanding about how amazon algorithm works

Product Title

When indexing your merchandise page, then the A9 algorithm will initially undergo your name to learn what you market. It needs to have the ability to spot the item category, manufacturer name, model name, colour / variation, size/capacity and educational key words (the name length will proceed up to 200 characters based on the class ). The very first search results are normally those which have an specific keyword match from the item name.

Product Description

A merchandise description explains your merchandise , exactly what it is and it’s worth purchasing. It provides potential clients enough details regarding its features and advantages to draw them and induce them to make a buy. Additionally, it plays a very important part in Amazon research positions and rankings.

Bullet Points

Buyers consider bullet points rather than lengthy descriptions. There are a Couple of things:

  • Amazon has a lot of limitations in text limits when it comes to the product list. Consequently, the words ought to be succinct and picked carefully.
  • Amazon permits utilizing 5 bullets for a product list. So, it is crucial to use them.

High Quality Photos

Amazon provides quite detailed specifications for merchandise photographs (resolution, desktop colour, monitoring, etc.). Although it’s evident that great pictures increases CTR and conversion rate, the A9 algorithm is capable of confirming that photographs obey the guidelines. Non-compliant images will tank the rank of this item page.


There are 3 chief criteria which A9 consider: average product evaluation, quantity of reviews and inspection quality. High rank products generally include 4.5/5 5/5 evaluations, with a fantastic ratio of favorable testimonials and a large number of testimonials. Reviews which include images and are comprehensive are considered quality and enhance the rank.

Enhanced Brand Content

It’s an Amazon service, offered to specialist vendors (both Sellers and Vendors) that have been accepted as owners. In summary, it provides rich content service on the item pages. Though Amazon doesn’t catalog EBC, the A9 algorithm nevertheless favors pages using A+ articles since it reveals the vendor’s authenticity, it provides added-value components and boosts earnings by 3 to 10 percent based on Amazon.

Product Availability

Non (or depleted) stock greatly penalizes search positioning.

Need of Hiring Amazon SEO Service Provider

They are sure that the achievement of any ecommerce company is dependent upon the effective search engine optimization techniques.

An expert Amazon SEO firm can enable you to acquire the ideal Seller badge. Furthermore, they know all of the ways that increases your earnings dramatically. So, the very best method to get your merchandise get higher positions on Amazon is by employing a trusted search engine optimization firm that knows the requirements of their clientele.

SEO at Amazon product list is constantly evolving. Amazon frequently updates their calculations to repay on search positions. A trusted Amazon seo service agencies are able to allow you to predict changes and keep you ready for another upgrade, and execute the work it requires to progress you in the positions.


You must now have a good comprehension of how A9 functions, which usually means you are ahead of the knowledge curve (and ideally, before your opponents ). You understand the ramifications content may have in the practices about optimization, and also your position in the Amazon SERP results.

To know more about latest updates of Amazon a10 algorithm, Check out this post.

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