In regards to advertising on Amazon, there is something which may make or break you: the stock (or maybe more specifically, the way you handle that stock.)

Whether coping with varying order amounts, satisfaction difficulties, or merely stocking the ideal quantities of merchandise, a fantastic stock management approach is crucial to helping you take action.

It can also help you better fulfill needs, ensure customer satisfaction and, then, increase your Amazon rating score and overall performance of your account — all things that mean more business in the long term.

If you have got poor organisational habits or systems, it is time to change this. There is just about no way you can triumph on Amazon in case you do not have a bit of help, so you stay on top of everything.

List of Amazon Inventory Management Tools

1. Skubana


Skubana is a Multi-channel E-commerce stock software that will assist you to merge your company on Amazon, automate everything, find money-saving opportunities and, forecast crucial trends.

They provide eBay, Amazon, marketplaces and shopping carts One-Click integration, but you will need to do at least 1,000 orders daily to leverage Skubana’s power and company brains

2. Appath


Appath is neat as it is cloud-based, providing you with the freedom to work anywhere and everywhere on earth. Connected with stores and selling avenues like Amazon, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento and, more. Updates product inventory quantities across every selling channel as an order is received — ensuring items stock is in sync, so a product is not oversold.

You may add users and assign them restrictions and special roles, creating your life a lot easier by being able to delegate. With a 30-day free trial, the ability to pay only for what you are using, and plans starting at $15/month, it’s hard not to give them a go.

3. Sellbrite


Sellbrite is an easy-to-use alternative that will help you build, manage and expand your company across several online sales channels — like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and, more – everything from a single, intuitive interface that you’ll enjoy using.

Sellbrite offers you a more intelligent method to create and manage listings, control stock, and fulfill requests across all your sales channels.

Sellbrite is flexible enough to match your business without custom setup or integrations, however robust enough to provide the qualities you expect.

4. Expandly


Expandly allows you to handle your own Amazon stock, orders, listings, coverage, alongside your other sales channels — all from one dashboard, and shipping tags. View your real-time inventory across marketplaces, quickly update stock levels, bulk print pick lists, and incorporate Amazon using Xero.

5. Forecastly


Forecastly is an FBA Stock replenishment tool Centered Prevention of Stockouts, on Supply Chain Efficiency. They use data to ascertain to purchase and when to purchase stock.

Forecastly utilizes its own algorithms to streamline the procedure, although it can be complicated to forecast the way to maintain your stock well-stocked. The drawback is it is only available for the USA, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada markets. However, they compensate for it with also a 20% discount along with pricing programs if you are billed.

6. Brightpearl


Brightpearl provides services to control customers, orders, stock and, financing in one system. Brightpearl also helps vendors obtain the efficacy and insight required to accelerate growth and gains through retail bookkeeping, multi-channel retailing (online and offline), and naturally — order management program.

Brightpearl is a whole operations system designed for wholesalers and retailers. Maximize your earnings using the improved Amazon inventory management applications of Brightpearl and unlock your earnings potential with FBA features that are purpose-built. Maintain your stock and exploit the energy of a single interface and enhance your earnings.

7. TradeGecko


TradeGecko provides a strong trade platform for SMBs, helping eCommerce companies and wholesalers, vendors, allowing them to:

  • Handle the Whole distribution chain ecosystem by Means of a complete, multi-channel stock & order management system
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, accounting options, warehouse management and fulfillment systems in real-time
  • Make wholesale exceptionally personalized and electronic via a proprietary B2B eCommerce shop

TradeGecko provides Multi-Channel Revenue eCommerce, Order & Inventory Management, Operations & Integrations, Reporting & Analytics along with also a Mobile App.

They got a lot of free tools you can use to learn the finer points of selling such as webinars and eBooks, on Amazon.


Ordinarily, Amazon merchants are so centered around finding new items to sell on Amazon that they regularly disregard boosting the gainfulness of their current item set. It is simpler to support your organization’s benefit through appropriate stock administration than it is to do likewise through new item sourcing.

Viable order management (particularly over various channels) will guarantee you don’t come up short on items to sell when clients are hoping to purchase and your money is appropriately put resources into the correct items so you can continue turning stock over for a benefit.

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