Forecastly Review & Pricing 2021

What is Forecastly?

Forecastly is a superb stock management tool which will save you a great deal of time and Excel function when coping with your stock projections and reorders. Stop leaving money on the table due to your stock now!


  1. Forecastly Advanced Replenishment Stats functions like a charm both for market and FBA sellers. The comprehensive stats will inform you if it is the ideal time to reorder your stock and the number of units do you want to restock.
  2. Industry-Leading Demand Forecasting
  3. Inbound Shipment Tool: allows your reconcile you inbound shipments and procedure both Amazon and non-Amazon shipments.
  4. Insightful Account Dashboard

Pricing & Free Trail

Beginning at $80 for 3000 orders a month you’ll be able to access the 4 attributes on the tool. There is a tailored pricing alternative for 25000 orders a month merchants.

Forcastly Pricing

You have a full 14 days to test Forecastly, totally free. See how simple it is to get full control to their dashboard and create sales and earnings predictable. You may cancel at any time during the trial and you won’t be billed. You may cancel any time.

Forecastly Review

Since Forecastly has been obtained by Junglescout on 2018, this tool has become among the finest Amazon inventory management tool. Obviously that it is pricing is pretty cheap compared to the amount of money you will save by not needing stock troubleshooting, especially in the event that you run out of stock on your best sellers.

Running out of inventory means losing earnings. Losing sales means contributes to losing positions. Losing positions means losing money and losing opportunities considering that Amazon invests a lot of money on product remarketing.

Overstocking is also a pain for sellers, since it is possible to leave a lot of money on the table by having too much stock on your warehouse or on Amazon’s FBA warehouses which means 0.50$ dollars a unit each month and may lead you to a penalization as well. And what about perishable merchandise?

Wether if you’re a wholesaler or a private-label FBA seller, Forecastly will help you saving plenty of dollars and scale your business faster using it is automation. In a glance you will be able to see you current orders, your sales ranking, the calling for earnings and stocks and also your Buy Boxes status.

How Forcastly Can Help You?

There are 3 key things this software can perform for an Amazon FBA seller.

  1. Make quick and precise buying decisions, the software makes it simple to see where you’re in one glance. The vendor may look and see what has sold. This will make it much easier for the vendor to reorder anything near selling out. Additionally, the vendor can easily see where they’re in the sales rankings at Amazon. There’s a Purchase Box Amazon makes available for the vendors.
  2. Taking the headache out of bookkeeping –the program enables users to have a look at their stock at a glance. Sellers can easily keep track of their cash flow. They’ll know what is tying up their money.
  3. Get better deals from providers –vendors get to remain on top of their stock. That gives them leverage when they’re negotiating with their providers.