sellerboard Review : Details, Features & Pricing 2019 is a profit analytics and inventory management tool for Amazon sellers. We help sellers manage their finances and make better business decisions based on their KPI’s.

  • 100% precise calculation of return costs, including adjustment of previously accounted profit, which is “killed” by the return, automatic detection and COGS adjustment of sellable / unsellable returns
  • All FBA fees included (e.g. storage, inbound shipping, disposal, VAT and other FBA fees)
  • Cost of Goods by batch and period: enter different buying prices by period or by batch (order placed at your supplier) as they change over time
  • Inventory management with refill notifications and reorder alerts
  • PPC Dashboard: evaluate the profitability of PPC campaigns, ad groups and even single keywords
  • Flexible and intuitive visualization: drill down to every fee by every product and period directly from the dashboard. Smart P&L table, interactive charts, spreadsheet downloads
  • E-Mail follow-up campaigns for more organic reviews and feedback

All that starting from only 19$ a month with a free trial


  • Accurate tracking of all fees and expenses, e.g. referral fee, FBA fee, storage fees, PPC, inbound shipping, etc.
  • Exact calculation of true refund and return costs, including accounting for unsellable inventory
  • COGS by period and batch
  • Spreadsheet export
  • Stock and prep center management with reorder notifications
  • Tracking of fixed costs and non-amazon expenses (e.g. VA)
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Accounting and Tax Remittance
  • Inventory and Order Management


Starting at 19$ per month. Cancel anytime. Discount for yearly payment. Free trial (no credit card required).

Who Should Use sellerboard?

  • Brands and Private Label sellers using Amazon FBA
  • Wholesale sellers using FBA in combination with FBM or FBM only
  • Supported marketplaces: North America (.com, .mx, .ca) and Europe (.de,, .fr, .es, .it)
  • Beginners and advanced sellers