ZENTAIL Review 2020 : Features & Pricing – Amazon-ASIN

Here’s a quick walkthrough of what is covered in this review:

  1. What is Zentail?
  2. Zentail Features
  3. Why use Zentail?
  4. Pricing
  5. Additional Information

What is Zentail?

Zentail’s commerce operations management (COM) platform is trusted by today’s top brands and sellers. With the industry’s most reliable suite of automation tools, Zentail helps you accelerate commerce.

Trusted by top Amazon Marketplace Sellers, Zentail is the easiest way to centrally manage your multichannel business. Every Zentail plan includes multichannel tools 100% free, so you can test new marketplaces outside of Amazon without jeopardizing your bottom line.

Industry leading multichannel management software backed by remarkable customer service. Sell everywhere.

Zentail Features

  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Multichannel Listing
  • Inventory and Vendor Management
  • Order Management
  • Dynamic Repricing
  • Multichannel Analytics

Why Use Zentail?

  • 200+ orders per day
  • 100+ SKUs
  • Able to fulfill from own warehouse or 3PL (not reliant on dropship suppliers)
  • Able to dedicate time and effort to streamline workflow during 2-3 week onboarding
  • Serious about multichannel growth


Flexible pricing options include fixed fee per order and % of monthly sales.

zentail pricing


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