ZonGuru Review 2020 – Who Should Use This?

This solution was made by two powerful Amazon sellers (Adam Hudson and Jon Tilley) to deal with the frustrations they had been having. Both needed about parts of software earn profits and so as to improve sales.


Define ZonGuru?

ZonGuru All-In-One Software toolset to help you grow at every phase of your Amazon business. Created by Amazon sellers, we focus on delivering accurate, real-time, unique and relevant data, so you can make the best decisions to optimize and grow your business. Just starting or Elite Seller we help you find, launch, optimize, track, manage, and scale. 

ZonGuru is essentially a software which helps people succeed in promoting in Amazon. It is a package of business tools for Amazon vendors which is intended to help you automate and optimize, study your Amazon company in order to increase profit and sales figures, while also increasing customer acquisition.

ZonGuru Chrome Extension & ZonGuru App

ZonGuru Chrome Extension is the newest addition to the tools of the company suite and as mentioned previously, its job is to aid you in finding market or the product which you are able to penetrate to expand your enterprise.

chrome extension amazon

It’s nicely equipped with filters which enable you to narrow it down into what it is you need while providing data in precisely exactly the exact identical period to you, leaving lookup quality to you.

On the flip side, ZonGuru Mobile App permits you to observe your company whilst. It’s a dashboard which shows sales amounts in each of markets, all revenue for each respective product and also a company performance evaluation for every product based on present and past earnings for a specific time interval (day, month or week ).

The Program can be found on Google Play Store and either Apple App Store, covering both mobile platforms on the planet.


  • Industry leading product research tools to help sellers find new and profitable product niches.
  • Email Automation to help provide excellent customer service.
  • Alerts that all sellers need to ensure they know exactly what is going on with their business.
  • Business and product dashboard analytics to help manage your business.
  • Listing Optimization tools that ensure your listing gets maximum traffic.

Who should use ZonGuru?

  • New sellers that are looking to start their first Private Label Amazon businesses.
  • ZonGuru provides product research tools to ensure that new sellers are investing their money responsibly to maximize the chance for prosperous businesses.
  • Existing Private Label Amazon Sellers that are looking to scale, automate, and optimize their business.
  • ZonGuru provides a full suite of tools that make selling on Amazon simple and streamlined!

Pros and Cons of ZonGuru


  • Covers All of Facets of an FBA Enterprise.
  • Comes with a chrome extension for differentiating the very profitable niche in moments.
  • 11 applications in 1, all which can be geared towards preserving client loyalty.
  • Free trial available.
  • Fast and effective study of product classes.
  • Tracks monthly revenue data for goods.
  • Helps locate whatever order you’re searching for immediately.


  • The starter package is quite restricted.
  • Somewhat Costly.
  • Short trial period.

ZonGuru Pricing & Free Trail

ZonGuru offer three pricing tiers (Starter, Business, Professional) each at a monthly or yearly option.