ChannelMAX Software Review

In the summer of 2009, ChannelMAX introduced Amazon Repricing software, one of the first of its kind. This has been our core product for the last ten years, however, we also serve other Amazon business needs such as adding new products, inventory quantity management, and Amazon research tools.


  • Listing
  • Automated Pricing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Product Research and Scouting
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Ecommerce Solution Connectors
  • Multi-Channel


  • Amazon Algorithmic Pricing Management
  • Amazon Inventory Quantity Management
  • New item add to Amazon (ASIN piggy backing)
  • Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)
  • Amazon Research
  • Profit Loss Analysis


Over the years, ChannelMAX has diligently grown by aligning itself with Amazon’s MWS and AWS technologies. For the last 10 years, ChannelMAX has been continually working on improving its core product of Amazon Repricing Management. In 2016, ChannelMAX introduced its algorithmic repricing logic. While most of the sellers using ChannelMAX use our algorithmic repricing, sellers with unique requirements may configure specific rules on top of algorithmic repricing logic. This blend of user rule definition and algorithmic logic gives a tremendous advantage to our sellers.

ChannelMAX is a simple solution : It takes minutes to get ChannelMAX up and running. Once you sign up with ChannelMAX, ChannelMAX auto imports your SKUs from Amazon. The default repricing model is optimized for your FBA and non-FBA SKUs competing with either FBA, non-FBA, or Amazon offers, or a combination of all. You don’t have to change anything in the repricing model, unless you desire to based on your specific needs. Once SKUs are imported, all you need to do is input your Min and Max (by individual SKU or bulk upload) to start effectively managing your prices on Amazon.

ChannelMAX offers free onboarding training : Once you sign up, you get 30 days free trial with ChannelMAX. ChannelMAX onboarding team quickly swings into action, establishes communication with you and schedules the free phone training to help you use ChannelMAX with ease.

ChannelMAX can calculate your floor : For your account, using Amazon API, ChannelMAX proactively obtains FBA Fees and Amazon commission. So you may simply input your costs associated with your items (such as purchase cost from the vendor, shipping and handling costs) along with profit markup needed, and ChannelMAX will calculate your floor.

ChannelMAX offers two way automaton : You may automate your feed of Min/Max to ChannelMAX via an FTP file feed. You may also get ChannelMAX repricing results back in your FTP for further internal analysis.

ChannelMAX offers business pricing : ChannelMAX offers you the option to keep your business pricing in sync with your standard pricing. This includes Quantity discount associated with business pricing.

ChannelMAX offers sales velocity based repricing : We all know that obtaining Buy Box and achieving a healthy sales target may be two separate things. In ChannelMAX, you can set your daily/weekly sales target and ChannelMAX will adjust your price higher or lower depending on your sales. This works not only for your private label items (aka where you are the only seller), but also items where your sales are not what you want it to be.

Profit Loss Analysis : ChannelMAX offers comprehensive Profit Loss analysis that includes Amazon Commission and FBA fees along with your own product-related costs. Our weekly top seller report is very popular amongst our subscribers.

Excellent customer support : ChannelMAX believes that a product must be bug-free and the product must do what it promises to do. To back up our excellent product, we have an excellent customer support team that works round the clock for you. All communications are handled with respect and urgency.

Who should use this?

We serve all Amazon locales except Amazon Mexico (as of now). You can use ChannelMAX for Amazon North America, Europe, India, China and Australia

Pricing information

For $34.99 you can reprice up to 500 SKUs every 2 mins. If you have more SKUs, then pricing will go up. Please check our member regstration page for a complete break down.

Additional information

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