Amazon A+ content is an innovative tool that allows brand owners to put descriptions of product features on display in an extended way. This is accomplished via elaborate illustrations in the forms of text, videos, charts, high-definition images, brand stories, and other custom copies. The primary intent of designing and exhibiting Amazon A+ content is that it helps sellers and vendors to amplify traffic, sales, and conversions.

If you’re fairly acquainted with Amazon, you might also be aware that A+ content is otherwise referred to as Amazon EBC content. Even though both the names have now been unified to be read as Amazon A+ Content, the idea is identical whether you’re a seller or vendor.

Does Amazon EBC support indexing?

A recent study has identified that compared with product description, A+ content adopted by sellers and vendors offering Amazon EBC service doesn’t carry any indexing. Keywords included in the available image and text options failed to come out with any search results.

Nonetheless, A+ content related images and text do still get indexed by Google which will help your product feature in the SERPs. Since A+ content results in increased conversion you may expect your brand to secure improved rankings.

How can Amazon A+ content be productively used to attract buyers, boost conversions, and minimize returns?

Here is how Amazon A+ content can be effectively put into practice.

  1. You can highlight the unique value proposition of your brand

When it comes to content marketing, it’s vital to talk about the potential benefits your products can provide to your customers. Your content should also highlight the problems, needs, or wants your product can solve. The supplementary images and text present in the A+ content are perfect to showcase the qualities that make your product unique and useful.

You can offer useful information about products that help make buying decisions

As far as more significant purchases are concerned, customers need full information about the product they might be interested in purchasing. Providing the most optimal, appropriate product details can:

  • Speed up the purchasing process as prospects can gain an understanding that the product you’re offering is precisely what they’ve been asking for.
  • Manage customer expectations by informing them about what exactly they are going to get after making the purchase.
  • Depict and project appropriate and in-depth product information to customers, to help them make a well-informed buying decision.
  1. You can eliminate complexity from your content and make it easily readable and intelligible

This is particularly applicable to products that constitute several features and functions. This sorts out various needs right away. Images, videos, and a well-defined custom copy can help customers genuinely realize such products’ usefulness.

  1. You can answer the most commonly asked customer queries and questions

While offering Amazon EBC service, you must scrutinize the content by giving customer comments, reviews, and questions a once-over in your product listing. A+ content is a great way to clear the doubts transparently. This sends out an impression to customers that as a seller/vendor, you’re addressing their concerns even before they could express them.

  1. You can make a distinction of your product from the competition

It goes without saying Amazon is an extremely competitive marketplace. Over time it has become increasingly difficult to get hold of products that offer a significant margin or a niche that doesn’t have many sellers. One unique way to attract attention is via visually engaging content marketing which perhaps only Amazon A+ content comes up with at the moment. Moreover, getting the most out of Amazon EBC service means you can pull down a few of the ads for your product listings that are currently displayed on Amazon. By doing so, you ensure there isn’t much distraction to the customers by the competition.

One useful tip

The Comparison Chart Module on Amazon is useful and can produce effective results. If the current listing isn’t actually what the customer was looking for, you can use this module to promote other products from your selection. This will eliminate the likeliness of customers purchasing from another seller.

However, keep in mind, even if you lay out your own products’ comparison chart, Amazon reserves the right to put in an extra comparison with similar products from the competition. This will compel the customers to scroll to the end and will take longer to browse your products.

  1. You can put your brand story into words

Undoubtedly, price is one of the most powerful factors that influence a well-informed purchasing decision. In addition, a captivating brand story makes sure the balance swings in your favor and attracts potential customers. Also, you might be offering support to underprivileged communities to earn their livelihood. It’s always a good idea to make your brand’s history public so that visitors know what values your brand holds.

So, a detailed, well-written brand story provides assurance about the quality of the products the brand offers. It’s crucial that your customers grasp your brand’s worth, especially when your products are high-priced on a platform that is recognized for its bargains. The Amazon A+ content section turns out to be the most suitable place to narrate a product-related story and how it directly helps in making a favorable impact.

  1. You can increase customer engagement

Even though online shopping is a norm today, it still lacks the critical facet of physical interaction between the product and customer. For instance, when you buy a fridge from an e-commerce store, you can’t check the appliance by actually opening its doors, pulling out its drawers, looking at the freezer, or estimating the space it offers. 

But, images and videos somewhat help in conjuring up a real-life experience with the purpose of bringing the customer to the product without having to actually visit a store. These visual imageries bring forth customer involvement beyond what’s feasible by the limited number of available images and text in a regular product listing.

How to design A+ Content that attracts buyers and augments conversions?

Sellers should make the most of adding enhanced brand content to their product listing for appealing to prospective buyers and multiplying conversions. However, this objective can’t be fulfilled through the simple inclusion of some images and plain text. The content needs to flow lucidly and convince customers. Here are a few helpful tips to design and develop Amazon A+ content best practices.

  • Make the content appear as a landing page

The most appropriate means to ensure readers acquire sound knowledge of your A+ content is to make them visualize it in the form of a landing page. This strategy helps convince your customers that your product is ideal for their needs and will meet their expectations. Subsequently, it compels them to click on the “Buy” button.

  • Present your content in the form of a journey

In this connection, you need to decide the things your customers should see first and will act upon. Making sure the whole product viewing experience ends on an exciting, positive note. Also, it’s equally important that the content has a decent flow. Make sure the custom copy you generate is in correspondence with your represented images.

  • Put more focus on relatively important factors

Random photos and text, even if they look nice, don’t create any additional value. Consequently, your aim to reach out to potential buyers may not succeed. Each section of the Amazon EBC service you furnish should hinge on specific points you’d like to express. These are primarily focused mentions of product features that are beneficial to customers. Thus, your products’ A+ section should prioritize clear and concise content.

  • Remain inside your brand guidelines

Amazon offers a very limited scope for branding. So, A+ content has to be very informative to let customers gain an in-depth idea about your brand. Please make sure the colors and fonts complement your brand and amplify its prominence.

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