Mastering Amazon Product Research can be hard, especially if you’re just starting out. Fortunately, finding the best amazon product research tools is easy, we’ve compiled them all on this list. We reached out to over top Amazon sellers and experts to find out what their favorite Amazon product research software is and compiled this list.

1. SellerApp: Product Research WebApp


SellerApp is the most favorite tool for Amazon sellers, it is All-In-One Tool For Sellers,

Sift through hundreds of products at one go to find the best selling niches from hundreds of Amazon categories. Compare products based on key metrics like the sales and revenue estimates, competition intensity, number of sellers selling the same product, review and rating trends, sales ranks, etc.

Deciding on your Amazon product requires research and thorough analysis. Track and compare the key metrics of the product without the hassle of spreadsheets or manual tracking.

Discover products that cater to your specific needs with smart filters to streamline the research.

Multiple data points like the product category, revenue, sales potential, number of reviews, historical rating trends and more to filter the best product to start selling on Amazon.

SellerApp Product Research Features:

  1. Complete Product Analysis
  2. Product Competition Intensity Analysis
  3. Product Sales & Revenue Estimate
  4. Competitor Data Tracking

Amazon Seller Talk

Mark Andrew, an Amazon Seller, recommends SellerApp as one of the best product research tools. he says SellerApp’s tools have helped me find the best product to sell successfully on Amazon and also to optimize my product listing. What I wanted was an all in one Amazon tool, and SellerApp comes close in a lot of ways. I have been benefitted by both their free tools and as well as paid features. The support was quick and responsive. I’d recommend this to anybody selling in the Amazon marketplace.

2.Jungle Scout: Product Research Tool


The Jungle Scout can be a strong favorite among Amazon sellers. As Chrome expansion or a web program, Jungle Scout asserts to consider the guesswork so as to minimize risk and optimize profit. The internet app enables users to sort through tens of thousands of products and maintain your eye on your contest.

The program comprises market analyst and an item tracker. The Jungle Publish site incorporates webinars, case studies, and ebooks that assist their own businesses to cultivate. Sellers are offered three bundles by jungle; in $29 a month, the package includes contest monitoring, product tracking, commodity database, and earnings but will not consist of the market analyst.

The conventional package comprises the company package contains each these features, the start all up features also as niche hunter and also, at $69 a month and opposed to two.

3.Unicorn Smasher: Product Research Software


Many people really like a unicorn and also the Unicorn Smasher product search tool gets its place. Features contain data and sales that are accurate quotes and lets users maneuver readily and fast between product markets.

Uni-Corn Smasher contains data that is reliable giving responses into deals, ranks, and evaluations, reviews, and earnings to users and is totally absolutely free to download from the Chrome store.

4.Amz scout


Amz Scout is understood among the accurate and very trustworthy solution search programs available on the industry. With a tagline of’ The Smart Choice,’ Amz Scout is also a competitive and thorough means of keeping tabs on earnings and finding solutions. Available Amz Scout is available to accommodate all requirements and budgets.

The fundamental package at $19.99 a month comprises product database, keyword tracker, competition analysis and guides to services and products that are simple to market and also the tracker supplies 20 services and products.

At $29.99 a month, your Start package has most these features with 40 services and products and also the company package at $39.99 a month offers 80 services and products. The Amz Scout site features a totally Product Sales FBA Fee Calculator and complimentary Estimator.

5.Amz Base


Amz Base can be really just actually a tool to assist sellers to hunt and establish the ideal products to sell on Amazon as well as among the better things about it’s it’s completely totally absolutely free of charge! Sellers can make utilize of the application calculating FBA prices in addition to discovering ASIN variety and descriptions of services and products on Amazon.

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6.Keppa: Product Research WebApp


Product Tracker and keepa’s Product Viewer may be downloaded for the extension also has been a tool for tracking and fitting criteria and product information as a way to spot the proper products to sell on Amazon.

The program is updated to be certain users have access to the services and products Maintain and offered gives access to create the procedure quicker.

7.Keyword Inspector: WebApp

keyword inspector

Keyword Inspector That you never have to be considered a detective. A package of Amazon selling applications that are individual, features comprise hunts that are direct, Reverse KIPRT ASIN hunts trends and also an Indexation Tester.

The various equipment can be purchased separately or fully using the Complimentary ASIN tool costing $19.99 each month and also the key-word Trends application at $39.95 a month.

8.Sonar: Product Research Tool

Hunts are included by sonar site by Sellics with alternatives for also a translation, searches by ASIN and searches. The website enables users to analyze keywords and add them into your Amazon product for effortless and fast creation.

Sonar provides a free 14-day trial and also the complete package costs $9.99 a month.

9.Camel Camel Camel

The strangely termed CamelCamelCamel is free to download and now also, such as Keepa, can be acquired as a browser program along with the increase. The website of the website contains lists of products with searches out there.

Along with this item hunt alternatives, CamelCamelCamel offers options allowing end consumers to continue to keep close track of products that are interesting to price watch and price drops.

10.Google Keyword Planner: Product Keyword Tool

keyword planner

The Google Keyword Planner helps sellers to make it to the customer.

The Google Keyword Planner allows sellers to discover keyword inspiration to their internet hunt engine attempts to target clients that are relevant and to come across merchandise and is totally absolutely free to use. As a way of allowing their small enterprise users may even get statistics.

There really certainly are a number of tools out there for tracking, commodity sourcing, and identification. At, Even though it might have just been a trial and error to get the most suitable one for you personally and the budget, employing the following tools will help increase earnings and gain insight.

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