Amazon Portfolio is a brand new function centered to help advertisers manage & tune their spend in sponsored products & backed manufacturers.

According to Amazon:

marketing campaign portfolios provide a modern-day manner to create custom groupings of your backed products and sponsored producers campaigns. With campaign portfolios, you could pick to reflect the shape of your organization and arrange campaigns thru the brand, class, season, or any manner you choose.

The new characteristic [introduced in December 2018] is rolling out to subsidized merchandise & sponsored manufacturers bills regularly. In case you do not see “Portfolio” as an alternative in your account definitely yet – hold a watch out.

What is Amazon Portfolio?

In keeping with Amazon, advertisers can now manage the complete spend of multiple campaigns inner a particular date variety.

While the portfolio price range or end date is met, the related campaigns are paused and the advertiser is notified to growth the charge variety or increase the quit date to resume the campaigns.

“Portfolios are essentially ‘shared charge variety’ labels so a couple of campaigns can draw from the equal certain price range quantity over a detailed length”.

Combining All Amazon PPC Campaign In One Place:

Proper right here’s a listing of Portfolio skills [from Amazon]:

Company and organize campaigns into portfolios

Set portfolio stage price range caps

three. Examine your overall overall performance at some point of campaigns

New billing statements

Manage more than one shops from one account

Get entry to accounts from a single login [max 200 accounts]

Is Amazon Portfolio beneficial to Advertisers?

Despite the fact that this selection within reason new, here’s some early comments from our group:

“I’ve determined Amazon Portfolio beneficial even as clients have budgets by brand and/ or product line. I just placed into effect the budget cap characteristic to make sure we are not spending over their max for the month.”

Step By Step Walkthrough To Create an Amazon Portfolio:

1.Log into Amazon Seller Central

2. Click on at the Amazon Advertising and marketing tab

3. Select Campaign Manager

on the left-hand side, you will see “Portfolio” [New]


1. Sign up to Amazon advertising and

2. Click “Create a portfolio”

Type your portfolio a name and add your campaigns.

Set a portfolio price range and date range (non-compulsory)

Amazon Portfolio: often requested questions [Answers from Amazon]

1: what’s the high-quality exercise for placing portfolio-stage and marketing campaign-stage budgets?

We inspire advertisers to set high marketing campaign-degree budgets and set their goal finances at the portfolio-stage. Through doing this, it permits the remarkable performing campaigns to run unimpeded at the identical time as nonetheless staying within the top-diploma portfolio price range that you set.

2: What happens if my portfolio-degree price range is much less than the sum of my advertising campaign-stage budgets?

Your portfolio-degree budget will override your advertising campaign level budgets when your portfolio degree finances is met. In this example, whilst your portfolio degree budget is met your campaigns will be paused mechanically even if the character campaigns budgets have not been met.

3. If my portfolio-degree fee variety is greater than the sum of my advertising marketing campaign-stage finances, will Amazon set off my campaigns to spend that extra charge range?

If the sum of your advertising and marketing campaign diploma budgets is less than your portfolio level charge variety you may need to grow your advertising marketing campaign budgets to suit your portfolio degree price range. We suggest setting high marketing campaign-diploma budgets as a satisfactory practice

4. Will my finances be divided similarly when I set portfolio to start and quit dates?

The portfolio finances cap is a ceiling that automatically continues the entire spend of campaigns linked to the portfolio underneath the amount you placed. However, the portfolio budget cap does now not tempo advertising and marketing spend over any time period. For example, a single marketing campaign can exhaust a whole portfolio fee variety.

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