In this aggressive e-commerce environment, it isn’t sufficient to just put your services and products in the marketplace such as Amazon and then await sales. You have to be certain you’ve accomplished everything you could to accomplish your customer. To be able to accomplish this, first, you have to know the requirements and the needs of one’s clients.

There are certainly always a whole good deal of Amazon keyword Tools available which may help Amazon sellers, although this is not a simple undertaking.

It’s going to allow one to put a marketing plan based on real data, that’ll entice a high number of clients to use Amazon tools. Months or weeks of maximizing your Amazon entrances and researching keywords will enhance your products’ visibility and increase earnings.

Let us take a good peek at several of the very Amazon keywords tools that are most useful on the current market, which will be able to allow you to get insight.

Top 10 Amazon Keyword Tools For Amazon Sellers

1. SellerApp

If you are looking for one Amazon tool which is dedicated to only keyword research, SellerApp’s Free Amazon Keyword Tool is your best bet.

best amazon keyword research tool 2019

SellerApp’s Free Amazon Keyword Research Chrome Extension makes keyword research easy by providing accurate search volume along with the CPC rate and the relevance of the keywords generated from the seed keyword.

Every search on Amazon is an expression of a buying intent of a potential shopper. If you could match the search intent of your potential buyer crowd, half the battle is won. A fairly simple task, it involves thorough keyword research and copywriting skills to match high searched keywords onto your product listing

Amazon Keyword Research has always been a nightmare for both seasoned and new sellers alike. Choosing the right keywords isn’t always easy or intuitive and you need a lot of data to know whether a given keyword will work for you. The keywords you choose to focus on in your product listing decide how your product gets positioned in a search, by a potential shopper and also how many of your potential audience realize your product is available on Amazon.

amazon keyword tool

Amazon SEO (a9 algorithm) has iterated a lot of times, requiring you to move from just targeting an exact-match keyword, to building your product listing content around long-tail keywords with lower competition for both organic search and PPC campaigns while it suffices a huge search volume. SellerApp’s Keyword Research Tool provides data to do this all!

How to Do Amazon Keyword Research With SellerApp


kparser keyword suggestion tool

This keyword suggestion tool supplies a point of service to all sellers that wish to enhance their products’ operation. Kparser provides a service that is better to Amazon sellers for 2 factors compared to its competitors.

The quality that distinguishes Kparser from Amazon keyword tools will be the characteristic of results that are accumulated as it uses filters. The next feature is that the rate of this practice, which empowers its users to set and sort the outcomes. It can, but lack the ability of complex keyword tools like Helium 10 or even AmaSuite.



MerchantWords is among the tools available to marketers that wish to improve their products’ earnings. Amazon sellers may generate phrases specific to their own products, in line with the info.

This Amazon keyword tool is ideal for less experienced Amazon sellers since it generally does not require one to be an experienced search engine optimization professional so as to make utilize of this, yet sellers may obtain access to invaluable search phrases to assist them to improve earnings on Amazon.

4.AMZ Suite

The program enables sellers to discover the best-selling services and products and realize the information Hot New Releases, within Sellers, and Best Rated features. Moreover, over 67,200 categories for UK and Amazon US are assembled into the applications, meaning staying in touch with the trends on Amazon is easy with AmaSuite.

This remarkable Amazon keyword tool might be obtained for only $197 and might be ideal for big organizations and exceptionally trained search engine optimization professionals, those who understand just how to exploit the entire potential of this robust Amazon KeywordTool.

5.Keyword Inspector

free amazon keyword tools

This platform delivers a lot of chances to its associates. This feature empowers members to examine the very best rated keywords on a weekly or daily basis.

Reverse ASIN includes and indexation Conventions guarantee your Amazon products will be optimized to accomplish the number of buyers.

The services supplied by Keyword Inspector are free, and also as a way to make utilize of the members must buy credits to the application, they would like to work with or purchase a regular subscription to the application they require.

6.Keyword Tool Dominator

keyword tool dominator

The simple fact that Keyword Tool Dominator is knowingly used by a lot more than 15,000 owners shows how successful this tool that is keyword is. Users may select from Google, YouTube, or even Amazon keyword tools based upon their demands.

The auto-complete database provides keyword advice produced by users that are real, which produces this program an ideal option for those who rely upon true info. Though developing a Keyword Tool Dominator accounts is absolutely totally completely free of charge, purchasing the Amazon KeywordTool package costs $49.99 and the program lacks the ability of a more high-level Amazon Keyword Tool computer program.

7.Keyword tool

keywords for amazon

Visitors with the simple to make use of keyword search tool may easily change between Google, app-store or even Amazon tabs to swiftly receive the most useful keywords for their services and products. Amazon sellers who’d love to gain access will gain from the Keyword Tool Guru.

The autocomplete feature helps sellers to develop so far as ten keyword hints in one hunt, but features such as tracking the greatest rank keywords stand out of reach users with this Amazon keyword tool.


sonar free keyword planner

This Google-Chrome Extension will supply hints to you centered on search queries made by Amazon users that are real. A very simple look for the most useful keywords for Amazon products through Sonar provides sellers with the keywords they will need to include within their own campaigns.

Even though one search will offer the most useful keywords for Amazon products, sellers shouldn’t rely upon Sonar to give them the tools essential to test the data. The Google-Chrome Extension is absolutely totally completely free and it’s perhaps suitable to Amazon sellers that are learning the principles of this transaction.

9.Ahrefs Site Explorer

ahrefs keyword planner

Ahrefs Website Explorer shows keywords attracting traffic out of search into Amazon pages. You are able to use a few of the keywords to drive a part of the competition’s traffic. The dash comes with metrics, that may permit you to analyze competitors’ data and create decisions.

It’s possible to learn just that in which position the page stays in SERP for every single keyword, just how much traffic it creates, just how often times users hunt for it each month, etc.,

Keyword Difficulty may assist you to identify. Ahrefs enables you to narrow them down into the phrases, as a typical full page may rank to get 1000s of keywords.

10.Scientific Seller

start amazon keyword research

This free and user-friendly on the web platform isn’t just like other Amazon keyword tools because its attention isn’t on the rate. As an alternative, Scientific Seller is significantly more worried about the value and quality of the data it provides.

While Free Amazon Keyword Tool searches further and farther away from the seed word Because of this, keyword searches can take.

Scientific Seller simply provides keywords possibilities for Amazon, however, its own users must show patience simply because they can not count upon its being able to send the info fast.


E-commerce is turning into an ever more essential portion of the earth’s market and using a plan that’ll allow you to power is significantly more significant than ever before.

Every one of those Amazon keyword tools we presented within this guide might help you gather the info that you want to generate a company plan that’ll boost the earnings of your merchandise.

Every tool includes its own features that empower parameters that are various to be checked by users. Deciding upon an Amazon keyword tool that best suits your preferences is the perfect approach to locate the ideal tool.

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