In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, customer reviews are crucial in influencing purchasing decisions. One program that has garnered attention for its impact on product reviews is the Amazon Vine Review Program. This comprehensive guide aims to thoroughly understand the Amazon Vine Review Program, its significance, how it works, and its implications for sellers and consumers.

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  1. The Significance of the Amazon Vine Review Program
  2. Understanding the Amazon Vine Review Program
  3. Getting Started with Amazon Vine Program
  4. How to Become an Amazon Vine Reviewer
  5. Benefits and Advantages of the Amazon Vine Program
  6. Requirements and Guidelines
  7. Participation and Reviewing Process
  8. How to enroll in the Amazon Vine program
  9. Conclusion

The Significance of the Amazon Vine Review Program

Customer reviews serve as a cornerstone of online shopping experiences. They give potential buyers insights into a product’s quality, features, and performance, helping them make informed choices. Positive reviews can boost sales and build trust, while negative reviews can deter customers. The Amazon Vine Review Program was developed to enhance the credibility and reliability of customer feedback by engaging trusted and experienced reviewers.

Understanding the Amazon Vine Review Program

What is the Amazon Vine Review Program?

The Amazon Vine Review Program is an initiative developed by Amazon to gather authentic and unbiased product reviews from trusted reviewers, known as “Vine Voices.” This program aims to provide potential buyers with reliable information about new and pre-release products across various categories. Vine Voices receives these products free from participating vendors in exchange for their honest and comprehensive reviews. The program aims to enhance the quality and credibility of customer reviews on Amazon’s platform.

An example of a review from one of the Vine voices is seen in the image below.

vine voice amazon

How Does the Amazon Vine Program Work?

Selection Process

Amazon identifies individuals with a track record of writing helpful and informative reviews on its platform. These individuals are invited to become Vine Voices. The selection is based on factors such as the quality of their past reviews, reviewer rank, and active participation in the Amazon community.

Product Distribution

Participating vendors provide new or pre-release products to Amazon’s Vine Voices. These products span various categories, such as electronics, books, home goods, etc.

Reviewing Process

Vine Voices receives and uses the products to gain firsthand experience. They evaluate the product’s features, performance, pros, and cons. Subsequently, they write thorough and impartial reviews that reflect their genuine opinions.


Vine Voices are given a specific timeframe within which they are expected to submit their reviews. This time frame ensures that the reviews are timely and relevant.


Each Vine Voice review includes a disclosure statement indicating that the product was received for free through the Amazon Vine Review Program. This transparency provides readers with context about the origin of the product.

Is the Amazon Vine Program Legit?

Yes, the Amazon Vine Review Program is a legitimate initiative offered by Amazon to enhance the quality and authenticity of customer reviews. It addresses potential conflicts of interest by engaging independent reviewers who have demonstrated their ability to provide helpful insights. The program’s transparency about product distribution and the fact that Vine Voices receives products in exchange for their unbiased reviews help maintain its legitimacy.

It’s important to note that while the program is designed to promote genuine reviews, opinions can still vary among Vine Voices, and not all reviews are guaranteed to be positive. Some Vine reviews may also contain criticisms and drawbacks of the reviewed products.

Getting Started with Amazon Vine

How to Get Into the Amazon Vine Program

Becoming a part of the Amazon Vine Review Program involves being invited as a Vine Voice by Amazon. Here’s how you might increase your chances of receiving an invitation:

Write High-Quality Reviews

Focus on consistently writing thorough, informative, and helpful reviews for products you’ve purchased on Amazon. This can demonstrate your dedication to providing valuable insights to other shoppers.

Earn a Good Reviewer Ranking

Amazon assigns reviewer rankings to users based on the quality and usefulness of their reviews. The higher your reviewer ranking, the more likely you will catch Amazon’s attention.

Stay Active on Amazon

Engage with the Amazon community by participating in discussions, commenting on reviews, and maintaining an active presence on the platform.

Review Diverse Products

Show your versatility by reviewing products across various categories. This can demonstrate your ability to evaluate a wide range of items.

Wait for an Invitation

Amazon periodically reviews user accounts and selects potential Vine Voices based on their activity, history, and contributions. You may receive an invitation to join the program if you meet their criteria.

Is the Amazon Vine Program Still Available in 2023?

As we enter 2023, many Amazon sellers are eager to know if the Amazon Vine program is still available. This highly sought-after program has generated authentic product reviews and gained valuable customer feedback. Considering its significant impact on boosting sales, it would be wise for Amazon to continue offering this program in the coming years.

However, with advancements in technology and changing consumer behavior, Amazon may introduce alternative programs or evolve the existing Vine program to suit the needs of both sellers and customers. For instance, we could see more emphasis on video reviews or incorporating virtual reality experiences into the review process. These innovations would enhance engagement and provide consumers with a more immersive shopping experience.

How to Become an Amazon Vine Reviewer

If the Amazon Vine Review Program is still active, here’s how you might become an Amazon Vine Reviewer:

Qualify: Fulfill the criteria set by Amazon, which typically includes being an active and reputable reviewer on the platform.

Receive an Invitation: If you meet Amazon’s criteria, you may receive an invitation to join the Vine Voice program. Invitations are usually sent via email.

Accept the Invitation: Follow the instructions in the invitation email to accept the offer and become a Vine Voice.

Review the Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with Amazon Vine’s guidelines and policies to understand the program’s requirements and expectations.

Start Reviewing: You’ll receive products from participating vendors once accepted into the program. Use these products, evaluate them, and write honest, detailed, and unbiased reviews within the specified timeframe.

Benefits and Advantages of the Amazon Vine Program

The Amazon Vine Review Program offers several benefits and advantages for both reviewers and sellers. Here are some key advantages of the program:

Advantages of Being an Amazon Vine Reviewer

Early Access to Products: Vine Voices receive new and pre-release products before they are available to the general public. This allows reviewers to try out and explore cutting-edge products across various categories.

Free Products: Vine Voices receive products for free from participating vendors. This can especially appeal to individuals who enjoy trying new products without financial commitment.

Credibility and Recognition: Being selected as a Vine Voice adds to a reviewer’s credibility and recognition within the Amazon community. It showcases their expertise and commitment to providing valuable insights.

Contribution to Shoppers: Vine Voices play a crucial role in helping potential buyer make informed decisions by offering unbiased, comprehensive, and thoughtful reviews.

Networking Opportunities: Engaging with vendors and other Vine Voices can lead to networking opportunities within the e-commerce and reviewing spheres.

Feedback Loop: Reviewers can offer feedback and suggestions directly to vendors, potentially influencing product improvements or developments.

Who Can Benefit from the Amazon Vine Program

Sellers and Vendors: Participating vendors gain access to valuable feedback from experienced reviewers. Positive Vine reviews can enhance a product’s credibility and visibility, potentially increasing sales.

Consumers: Shoppers benefit from credible and balanced product reviews from trusted reviewers. These reviews aid in making informed purchase decisions.

Vine Voices: Reviewers of the program enjoy the advantages mentioned earlier, including early access to products, credibility, and networking opportunities.

Amazon: The program enhances Amazon’s reputation as a platform for reliable and informative customer reviews, fostering trust among its user base.

Product Developers: Constructive feedback from Vine Voices can be invaluable for product developers looking to refine their offerings based on real-world usage.

E-commerce Industry: The Amazon Vine Review Program sets a standard for authentic reviews, influencing the broader e-commerce industry to prioritize genuine customer feedback.

Requirements and Guidelines

Amazon Vine Program Requirements

Sellers can now sign up for the Amazon Vine program, previously only open to vendors. Sellers must adhere to specific guidelines to be qualified for the program

  • A professional selling account on Amazon is required for the seller.
  • The item must be accessible through Amazon’s FBA service in brand-new condition.
  • Vine program participants must have fewer than 30 reviews or ratings for their product.
  • The product listing page must include an image, title, and description.
  • The merchant needs to have enough products on hand.
  • The seller needs to register with Amazon’s brand registry.
  • At enrolment, the product must be made available.
  • The Vine program does not accept adult items, digital software, or applications.

Product Restrictions for the Amazon Vine Program

While the specific product restrictions may vary, here are some common product categories that could be subject to limitations or exclusions within the Amazon Vine Review Program:

Restricted Categories: Certain categories, such as adult content, hazardous materials, and illegal products, are generally excluded from review programs.

High-Value Items: Products with exceptionally high values, like luxury goods or high-end electronics, might have specific review restrictions due to cost.

Niche or Specialized Items: Some niche or specialized products might not be included in the Vine program, as they might require specific expertise to review accurately.

Product Availability: Availability of products can vary by region and country, which might affect the types of items offered to Vine Voices.

Pre-Release and New Products: The program often focuses on reviews for new and pre-release products, which could lead to limited availability in established categories.

Participation and Reviewing Process

How Many Reviews Can an ASIN Receive Through Amazon Vine?

The number of reviews an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) can receive through the Amazon Vine Review Program can vary. Amazon may limit the number of Vine reviews for a particular ASIN to maintain a balanced and unbiased representation of customer feedback. The exact limit can depend on factors such as the product’s category, popularity, and Amazon’s internal algorithms.

How Do I Get Reviews on Amazon Vine?

If you are a seller looking to receive reviews through the Amazon Vine Review Program, here are the general steps:

Eligibility: Ensure your product meets Amazon’s criteria for participation in the Vine program. This might include product category, newness, and adherence to Amazon’s guidelines.

Product Enrollment: Enroll your eligible product(s) in the Vine program. This might involve setting up campaigns within Amazon’s Seller Central platform.

Distribution: If your product is selected for the Vine program, Amazon will distribute it to Vine Voices (trusted reviewers), who will use and review it.

Honest Reviews: Vine Voices will write honest and comprehensive reviews based on their experiences with the product. These reviews will be published on your product’s Amazon listing.

Transparency: Vine reviews will disclose that the reviewer received the product through the Vine program, maintaining transparency.

How Many Reviews Do I Need for Amazon Vine?

There isn’t a specific number of reviews you need before you can participate in the Amazon Vine Review Program. Instead, the program is based on Amazon’s invitation system. Amazon invites individuals with a history of providing valuable and credible reviews on the platform to become Vine Voices. You increase your chances of receiving an invitation if you consistently write high-quality reviews, engage with the Amazon community, and maintain a positive reviewer ranking.

It’s important to note that Amazon doesn’t typically allow sellers to directly request or pay for Vine reviews. The program is designed to be independent and unbiased, focusing on the credibility of the reviewers and the authenticity of their opinions.

Amazon Vine Program Cost and Enrollment Fee

A seller can currently sign up for the Amazon Vine program for free. Meanwhile, vendors used to pay $2,500 for each ASIN they enrolled in.

It’s vital to realize that just joining the Vine program won’t automatically result in favorable product reviews. Inaccurate or deceptive information on the product listing page might result in bad reviews. Therefore it’s imperative that it appropriately depicts the item being offered. To ensure customers have a comprehensive understanding of the product, sellers must ensure that all information, including product descriptions and photographs, is correct.

How to enroll in the Amazon Vine program

To enroll in the Amazon Vine program, follow these steps:

  1. Select Vine under the Advertising option after signing into your Amazon Seller Central account.
advertising campaign manager amazon
  1. In the search box, enter the ASIN you want to register for, then choose how many units you want to make available to Vine Voices.
enrolling for vine program
  1. Following registration of the ASIN, you can track progress through the enrollment details page by selecting the ‘Details’ button.
product detail on amazon
  1. Sellers must give away free product samples to be reviewed by Amazon Vine Voices to participate in the Vine program. Vine Voices can enroll and, after 24 hours, request the product, analyze it, and begin reviewing it.

How Do I Cancel My Amazon Vine Reviewer Enrollment?

If you are already enrolled as an Amazon Vine Reviewer and wish to cancel your participation, you can generally do so by following these steps:

Login to Your Amazon Account: Log in to the Amazon account associated with your Vine Reviewer status.

Navigate to the “Advertising” page and choose “Vine.”

navigating to amazon campaign manager

Manage Your Vine: Select the product for which you wish to cancel enrollment and click “Details.”

amazon product details

Cancel Enrollment: In the bottom right-hand corner of the page, select “Stop enrollment.”

vine review program amazon stop enrolling


The Amazon Vine Review Program is a vital bridge between sellers and consumers in e-commerce. Connecting trusted reviewers with new and pre-release products enhances the quality and reliability of customer feedback. This program benefits reviewers through early access and recognition, sellers by offering valuable insights, and consumers by providing credible information for informed decisions. As a transparent and unbiased initiative, the Amazon Vine Review Program contributes to the integrity and authenticity of online shopping experiences.

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